Vote Today

The polls are open and busy in Tulsa as the people decide critical national, state and local issues.

Is anyone still deciding on details?  Unlikely in most opinions and many believe that people are very ready for this election to be decided.

Nationally, this scribe has written that Barack Hussein Obama was a socialist beginning in May of 2008.  Obama has further proven to be a bold faced liar so often that history may consider him the biggest joke or jackass to ever hold the office of President.  Which one, I don’t really know, but I am so ready for an American President that actually honors America.  I believe Mitt Romney is that man.

Jim Bridenstine Republican Candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Oklahoma, we believe, will be an honorable active conservative in Congress, click here for our interview.

Markwayne Mullin Republican Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma will also serve conservative principles and Oklahoma people with honor in our opinion, click here for more.

On State Questions, click here for details.

On the retention of judges serving on the Oklahoma Supreme Court, click here.

On Vision2 for Tulsa, click here for details.

Katie Henke will be a great State Representative for House District 71 and will serve the Brookside area of Tulsa with attentive reasoned positions on difficult issues.  Her opponent is a lifelong lobbyist that now wants to pass out money to his friends and is running a nasty campaign to prove it.  Click here for more.

Brian Crain has served his district well over the years, but his district changed and this race may be more difficult than it should be given his flaky left-wing opponent.  Click here for more.

In general, if the Democrats have not defined themselves differently than Barack Hussein Obama, then you should know by now what they envision for the country.

Regardless, please vote today – it is your responsibility in return for the freedom you enjoy.