Another Gerhart warning

Oklahoma’s most unsuccessful activist, Al Gerhart, is many things, but hurtful to others and to the causes he supports is the most common analysis.  Not a happy summary of political activism for anyone.

In her blog AxXiom for Liberty, Kay Beach, Tuesday November 27 outlined Gerhard’s abuse in detail.  Click here to read the blog post.

While Gerhart has little, if any influence in Northeastern Oklahoma, the rest of the state suffers.  In Tulsa we have Ken Yazel, Mike Ritz, JB Alexander and others that don’t want to build the Republican Party, but control it.

In total, Gerhart and the Tulsa fools are Radical RINOS.

For more on this subject read the Tulsa Today story, “Regular Republicans.”

We hate to give the fruits, flakes and nuts too much of the attention they so desperately crave, but to save you the time… here are some earlier Tulsa Today stories maintained as a public service that include mention of Gerhart:

Santorum wins Oklahoma as Romney surges, Ron Paul collapses to single digits, Obama wins but falls below 50 percent in two congressional districts
Published Wednesday, 07 March 2012

Ron Paul leadership in OK questioned
Published Thursday, 19 January 2012

GOP Takeover Planner Was Registered Independent
Published Monday, 19 April 2010

In summary, Al Gerhart is a bully with no brains and an evil personality.

Kay Beach will be attacked by Gerhart again and she knows it, but only by such individual courage and honesty will Oklahoma continue to build a land for our children of opportunity with limited coherent government and a growing private business sector that values individual: Merit, Accomplishment, Liberty and Freedom.