Benghazi: ‘Biggest cover-up in history’

Breitbart has posted a very significant interview with Oklahoma’s Sen. Inhofe. 

Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) says, “This [Benghazi] is going to go down
as the biggest cover-up in history, They all knew it, they were all
hoping it’d go away.

Tulsa Today questioned weeks ago “What kind of America could watch American Heroes under fire for seven hours, not only refusing to send aid, but telling military and CIA officials to “stand down?” 

The answer, which we believe our regular readers knew immediately, is no honorable American – only Barack Hussein Obama who, with deliberate malice and forethought, then mislead the American people three weeks before his reelection contest because the event did not align with his ideology and foreign policy narrative.  And four Americans were killed?  Yes, this is bigger than Watergate, Monica-gate or any other impeachment offense ever considered by Congress. 

The blood on Obama’s hands will not wash.

Click here for the video interview of Senator Inhofe.