Obamas of the world, “Don’t want to save lives”

Not one to shy away from his support for the Second Amendment, Ted Nugent (i.e. the infamous “Motor City Madman”) during an interview on the Peter Schiff radio show Tuesday threw himself headfirst into the gun control debate.

His purpose? To argue that a loss of gun rights equals a loss of personal freedom.

“This conversation and the importance of focusing on the right to keep and bear arms really is the deciding factor in America versus the rest of the world,” Nugent said. “If the people in power — Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Eric ‘Gun-Running-Attorney-General’ Holder — are you kidding me?”

“To force American citizens into unarmed helplessness,” he added, “that’s their agenda!”

Nugent turned his attention to violent crime statistics published by the F.B.I., Scotland Yard, and the United Nations.

“Where there are more guns in citizens’ hands, not only does crime go down, not only does violent crime go down, but personal assaultive-type crimes like rape, carjacking, and home invasion — they don’t just down, Peter: They go away,” he said.

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