Alexander’s anger: Politics to fisticuffs

Analysis:  J.B. Alexander, Chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party was cited Wednesday January 23 for criminal assault and battery on a job site (Incident No. 2013004786) while working for the City of Tulsa as a contracted inspector.  While municipal court has not yet adjudicated the charge, the event has many wondering how such a thing could happen as Alexander is best known as an “anti-government activist.”

While he doesn’t speak of it during public political events, J.B. Alexander once worked for the City of Owasso in the Public Works Department.  When the director position in that department became vacant, Alexander applied and expected to receive the promotion.  When an interim director was chosen, Alexander resigned in anger.

Alexander then formed a citizen activist group in Owasso and has opposed almost every public infrastructure project since proposed by the city – the waste water treatment plant upgrade in 2010 stands as the one exception. The irony is that, had he not resigned, his job would have been the management of all of those same projects.  Some Owasso residents suggest Alexander operates in anger for revenge.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Alexander now owns IGO Management, LLC, and promotes himself as a government project construction manager.  The profile reads in part, “Project management and inspection services in the public infrastructure [government] area to include water, wastewater, storm sewer and roadway construction areas… During my tenure as Project Manager in Owasso, I directed the day to day operations of the inspection staff and managed the progress of over 45 ongoing development projects. I also oversaw the construction progress, daily operations, and pay request of multiple Capital Improvement Projects in excess of $32 million.”

In politics, Alexander first ran for Tulsa County Republican Party Vice-Chair on a ticket with Sally Bell as Chairman.  Bell has long been identified with the John Birch Society.  Alexander and Bell asserted it was the job of the County Party to hold elected officials accountable to the most conservative, if not anti-government, parts of the party platform.  Click here to see a YouTube video of Alexander discussing partisan elections.

Alexander has been a vocal critic of every Tulsa County infrastructure program including Vision 2025 and the more recent Vision2 effort.

Again in irony, the photograph accompanying Alexander’s LinkedIn profile shows him standing in front of the City of Owasso’s 2 million gallon elevated water tank which he claims as a part of his professional credits, but was funded in large part by Vision 2025 a program he has often spoken against.

Elected as Tulsa County Republican Party Chairman two years ago, Alexander’s term as Vice Chair and Chairman has seen declines in; participation, fund raising, and candidate recruitment.  These are the critical functions for any political party at the local level.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I filed for Chairman in competition with Alexander, but withdrew when it became apparent during the Convention that those running the show favored his candidacy to the point of delaying the vote past the time I was required to be on-air hosting a radio call-in talk show on KRMG.

During the Tulsa County Vision2 discussions, Alexander was often on local media railing against the program.  He also chaired a meeting that resulted in a “censure vote” against Tulsa County officials for allowing the public to vote on the package.  The story of that vote, which was illegal because of a lack of quorum according to party rules, was covered by this writer in an editorial calling for Alexander to be removed.  Click here to read that editorial titled, “Republican censure vote was illegal.”  I am also a member of the Tulsa Republican County Committee.

However, J.B. Alexander has assured many including State Republican Chairman Matt Pinnell that he will not seek to retain his chairmanship, but will not resign before the County Convention.

Pinnell said, “I have spoken with J.B. Alexander and it is my understanding that he does not plan to resign.  If one-fourth [approximately 148] members of the County Committee agree to call a meeting to consider and vote on his removal, that is permitted within the rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  Only they can remove him at this time.

“The Republican Party statewide is focused on the upcoming precinct elections in early February, the county conventions in late March and then the April state convention.  We are organizing for the future to grow and strengthen our base and spread the proven positive principles of the Republican Party,” Pinnell added.

Unfortunately and primarily in Tulsa County, that base is deeply divided.  It does not help that on the website Ron Paul Revolution, J.B. Alexander is shown to have been a member since 2009 and his profile does not mention he is a Republican or holds any position with the party.

Michael McCutcheon is currently Tulsa County Republican Party Vice-Chairman and has announced for the office of Chairman.

McCutcheon said, “I am running for this community service position to advance principles in governing that are the foundation of the Republican Party.  I will do everything within my power to heal that which divides us that we may become more effective in championing; free enterprise, limited government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense.  America can grow a more prosperous future our children will enjoy in freedom with equal opportunity for all.”

One precinct chair who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “I and others have pulled back from participation and financial support when it became clear that the local brown shirts ran the show.  I don’t really know how McCutcheon can demonstrate a difference – if he can it will be welcome.”

Alexander’s lack of constituency was dramatically demonstrated at a public event tiled, “Save the Republic Rally” in which he was an active participant.  In short, promoters held an event October 27 very few attended.  Click here to read the story, “Regular Republicans.”

So what happened on the City of Tulsa job site?

The Tulsa World quoted Officer Leland Ashley saying, “Each man accused the other of hitting him, but only the alleged victim’s claim could be verified by a witness.” Click here for that story.

Wow, so the anti-government activist while working for government resorted to physical violence and thinks he remains a fitting example of leadership as Chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party?  While not a felony, most adults do not resort to violence to settle disputes and, at the least, it is not a diplomatic or politically correct response for a political party leader.  

Republican precinct meetings could get very interesting and the County Convention completely contentious as activists both in support and in opposition to Alexander’s leadership struggle to understand his actions.  Alexander did not respond to email requesting comment for this story.

Who says Democrats have all the fun in Oklahoma.