Fired TPD officer says officers broke laws, lied

KRMG is reporting on a fired Tulsa police officer, Kendra Miller, says she has proof that FBI agents and members of the TPD Special Investigations Unit told her to lie on the stand and commit other crimes, that the city fired her without cause, and that both federal and local law enforcement have the proof in their hands, but continue to refuse her reinstatement.

Miller said she has audio recordings of FBI agents and SID officers breaking the law and/or telling her to break the law.  She claims termination proceedings against her were the result of her refusal to comply and because she can prove that officers were acting outside the law.

It all began with a 2005 investigation into police officers who were supposedly moonlighting at bars in east Tulsa, and tipping off the owners to any possible raids or drug interdictions planned by TPD.

Miller says initially she was a target of that investigation, but was cleared of any wrongdoing. That’s when they asked her to become part of the investigation.

“They asked me to go into the bars, to accept bribes from the bar owner, and they also asked me to go to court and lie on the stand if there were any cases against the bar,” Miller told KRMG during our exclusive interview.

“They were promising me immunity, they were asking me to do things that were illegal, they’re on tape doing it. The chief of police is well aware of this, the FBI is well aware of this, and they refuse to do anything about it.”

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