Cost of sodomy?

Ann Coulter appeared this weekend on Fox News’ “Geraldo at Large,” where she debated government health regulations in part suggesting that sodomy, gay bathhouses and AIDS are also costly public health issues, but not targeted like smoking and sugary drinks.

Coulter was debating anti-obesity activist MeMe Roth and the conversation initially centered upon New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his proposed (and enacted) policies on sugary drinks, smoking and other related subjects.

In making the point that cigarette smoke isn’t the only activity that impacts overall health care costs, Coulter noted that sodomy, gay bathhouses and AIDS are all issues that also raise the cost of medical care.

Her point?  If the government is going to go after smokers with the rationale that their activities impact the greater society, why not go after those who use gay bathhouses and, as a result, are at increased risk for health-related expenses?

Coulter noted that she wasn’t advocating for the latter point and that she was simply comparing Bloomberg’s policies on smoking and cigarettes to other issues that she said have a similar health impact. The conservative pundit posited the sodomy comparison as Roth was doubling-down on defending the mayor’s bans.

“There’s lots of behavior that’s worse,” Coulter said, later decrying the fact that smokers are regularly singled-out for their actions. ”People know smoking is bad for you and…all of the stigma of the world comes down on this one behavior.”

Coulter responded by blaming Obamacare for increased costs that smokers will incur (to read more on surcharges that smokers will face starting next year as a result of the Affordable Care Act, click here). Then, she issued her comparison — one that clearly surprised Roth.

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