Tulsa County to re-open north entrance to courthouse

Tulsa County will re-open the north entrance to the Courthouse tomorrow, March 28, 2013, marking the completion of Phase I improvements to the Tulsa County Courthouse Complex.  The entrance has been under renovation since the opening of the new east entrance in late 2012.  The improvements where funded by the 4-to-Fix-the-County II capital improvements program, which was approved by Tulsa County voters in 2005.

The south entrance to the courthouse complex will be immediately converted to an emergency exit.

Improvements completed in the project include more accessibility in both renovated entrances for people with disabilities, the addition of a centrally located information and security desk, more space for security equipment and for people entering security, and the addition of a new multipurpose meeting, conference, and classroom above the east entrance.

The changes are projected to improve pedestrian traffic flow by making better use of existing escalators, streamline, accelerate and tighten security, and increase energy efficiency of the Courthouse complex by reducing infiltration of outside air.

“Our goal was to help all citizens access the Courthouse more efficiently and with greater security. We emphasized greater accessibility with power assisted doors, and a new ramp on the east entrance”, said Chief Deputy County Commissioner Mark Liotta. The north entrance to the Courthouse is at street level and does not require a wheelchair ramp.

The budget for the entire project was $1,715,000.  The total cost of the project was under budget at $1,685,000 and the construction lasted six months.