Capital campaign kicks off

ImproveOurTulsa1The $918 million Improve Our Tulsa capital campaign launched today with a web site, a video for the package and united Administration and City Council support.

The campaign promotes two propositions that will appear on the November 12th ballot.  One is a bond package and the other a sales tax package funded to finish the projects listed, but not limited to a specific dollar amount.

Improve Our Tulsa bond proposition – This question authorizes general obligation bonds in the amount of $355 million to fund street and bridge improvements.

Improve Our Tulsa sales tax proposition – This question extends 1.1% of the city’s current 1.167% sales tax and  will raise $563.7 million for additional street projects and capital improvements to public safety and facilities that greatly improve the quality of life of Tulsa residents.

The web site includes lists of the bond and sales tax projects by categories and maps of projects by each of the nine Tulsa City Council districts.

General list of Improve Our Tulsa capital improvements package projects:

Street Pavement Condition $470,000,000 51.1% (of package)
Street Widening/Expressways $88,000,000 9.6%
Bridges $27,945,000 3%
Traffic Engineering $12,100,000 1.3%
Transit $29,750,000 3.2%
Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure $23,400,000 2.5%
Street & Highway Corridor Enhancement $3,000,000 0.3%
Planning & Economic Development $23,942,000 2.6%
Citywide Public Facilities $8,702,000 0.9%
Animal Shelter $3,500,000 0.4%
Tulsa Zoo $11,750,000 1.3%
River Parks $11,756,000 1.3%
Parks and Recreation $34,873,583 3.8%
Performing Arts Center $5,528,000 0.6%
Gilcrease Museum $9,047,907 1%
Police Department $30,804,150 3.3%
Fire Department $34,602,673 3.8%
Information Technology $39,604,060 4.3%
Tulsa City-County Library $10,000,000 1.1%
Route 66 Village $550,000 0.1%
Equipment Management Department $6,050,000 0.7%
Eugene Field Redevelopment $10,900,000 1.2%
Levee District #12 $3,400,000 0.4%
Capital Equipment $18,912,322 2.1%
Bond Issuance Costs $500,000 0.1%
TOTAL $918,617,695

The package includes $470 million strictly for street repairs, which would make it the largest single investment in streets in Tulsa’s history.

The sales tax portion is not limited to a specific dollar amount, but would remain in effect as long as it takes to fund the sales tax projects, which is estimated at 6 to 6½ years but would be capped at 7 years.

The Improve Our Tulsa video follows:

 Click here to reach the Improve Our Tulsa web site.