Election board official under investigation

TulsaCountyElectionBoardThe Tulsa World is reporting today that Tulsa County Election Board’s assistant secretary is under investigation on allegations of possible “double-dipping.”

County officials are investigating whether Shelly Boggs violated any state laws or county policies when she failed to take time off from the county while doing work for the state.

Patty Bryant

Patty Bryant

Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant said Wednesday that she notified Boggs of the investigation that morning.

“She is absolutely adamant that she believes she was doing the right thing upon instructions she was given from the state, and she is collecting information,” Bryant said. “In her mind, she was benefiting the county by doing the work for the state.”

Bryant confirmed that the investigation relates to whether Boggs’ should have taken time off from her county job when working for the state.

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Tulsa Today Editor’s Note: Why do officials always state with authority that they are “doing the right thing” when common sense says they are not?  You cannot bill two employers for the same hours. Simple enough. Like counting votes; it’s math. The public requires a high level of confidence in the integrity of the Election Board.  This doesn’t make that standard.