Mullet Over #585

EbayWorldAs seen on TV (so I know it is true) the first item sold (1995) on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83.

A little noted battle is raging as to when and where yodeling originated. There exists a written reference to European yodeling dated 1545. However, some Persian classical music written before 1500 entails “yodeling sounds” and traditional African Pygmy music, thought to have been composed over a thousand years ago, contains melodies that fluctuate from normal tones to falsetto. I have tried yodeling, but early feedback indicates that I have not mastered the art.

AngelinaCountyTxTexas has 254 counties, but only one, Angelina County, is named after a woman.

In October of 2013, the U.S. Treasury Department has scheduled the release of newly-designed $100 bills. They will contain myriads of small-print 100’s and diminutive Liberty Bells as well as one large Liberty Bell that will change colors when the currency is tilted. Blue is said to be the featured hue for this money issue. I plan to go by a lawyer’s office and ask to look at one.

A recent study by somnologists (sleep doctors) revealed some interesting observations. For instance, adults who nightly slept in rooms painted yellow averaged 7.7 hours of sleep while those dozing in rooms painted purple averaged only 5.9 hours of slumber.

From 1959-1961, an estimated 30 million people starved to death in China. This is thought to be the worst famine in human history.  (So much for collective planning.)

MusicSome musicians/technicians in Brooklyn, N.Y. have designed a machine that composes music as determined by the wind-driven movements of trees wherein electrodes have been attached. Keyboards, drums and cymbals are utilized with volumes ranging up to 120 decibels. Some of the results may be heard on-line. I listened to one effort and considered the noises to be a frenzied atonal cacophony, yet perceptibly superior to Rap Music (opinion).

Every year for the last ten years, between 2,000 and 3,000 people have been admitted to emergency rooms in the U.S. for what are described as “toothbrush-related” injuries.

In 1775 New England, it was widely circulated that tuberculosis (consumption) could usually be prevented by not permitting a person’s “chest areas” to touch any tables or desks, especially when one was involved with writing or reading. Well, reflect carefully before painting your bedroom any shades of purple – and enjoy a pleasant weekend.

Odie Odie Lay Hoo.