Happy Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingThank you for reading Tulsa Today. We consider it a blessing from both God and Country to have this opportunity to report to you and, at the end of this brief note, a link to a David Barton video presentation on the history of the Thanksgiving Holiday in America is provided.  Before that and in behalf of those who write, photograph, program, and sell advertising for Tulsa Today let us share how humbled we are that you would spend your time here.

Long-form journalism struggles in the short-form world of modern society. There are many demands for your attention and most media attend to the flash of fame rather than foundational focus on wisdom. Beyond the numbers game, Tulsa Today has built a growing community of readers that care about the greater community, share common concerns on the country, and think deeper on most topics.  We provide a mix of news for diverse interests, but as the nation’s “leaders have taken the wrong turning and those that are led are lost” we have seen our readership divide.  Most Leftists have left us and we do not begrudge their departure.

Thanksgiving1Some speak of the current age as a turning point in history.  Certainly, President Barack Obama has kangarooed America further left than even his most severe critics expected, but the question of public policy is unambiguously personal.  Do we want freedom or free stuff?  Any demagogue on the left or right can promise what each day decides important, but should we follow any leader or individually declare, demand and defend our own liberty?

Tulsa Today readers know that question is in play and we thank you for your attention.
Click on this link for a video presentation by David Barton that outlines the history of our national Thanksgiving holiday upheld by Founding Fathers and Presidents to the modern day.