Neil Cavuto, Mark Levin on debt bomb

MarkLevinConservative radio host Mark Levin appearing Friday on “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” says he is “sick and tired of defeatist Republicans,” especially after watching GOP leaders in both the House and Senate fail to even try to attach any conditions or reforms to the debt ceiling increase passed this week.

After summarizing by historic headlines the coming debt bomb Cavuto tossed to the talk radio star and Levin went off on Republicans for failing to address the nation’s serious fiscal problems because they are too worried about winning elections.

“We have $100 trillion in unfunded liability, $17.3 trillion in fiscal operating debt, this debt ceiling increase will kick it to about $18.2 trillion,” the Levin said. “Let me tell you something, I am sick and tired of defeatist Republicans going on and on, ‘You’ve got to count the numbers.’”

Mark Levin

Mark Levin

Levin argued that Republicans are not actually explaining the “looming catastrophe” facing the United States if it doesn’t get its fiscal house in order. Americans are intelligent and can “walk and chew gum at the same time,” he argued.

“The American people need to be told: If this continues for many more years, they’re going to lose their pensions, they’re going to lose their savings, they’re going to lose their college funds and the value of the currency is going to crash,” Levin explained. “That is a fact!”

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