Custom knives site launches

Knives1Today  announced the national availability of their new website, a next-generation web-based platform designed to give small, custom knife makers an edge in selling their wares.

Based in Tulsa, new free website provides makers of all types of custom knives the ability to quickly list their knives for sale and reach a nationwide audience of knife buyers and enthusiasts.

“I’ve been making custom knives for a long time, and have always struggled to find an effective way to get my knives in front of people looking for them,” said Ray Miller, a small custom kitchen knife maker in Tulsa, OK. “With, I no longer have to struggle with trying to run a small website and attract customers, or struggle with larger marketplace websites that don’t cater to my particular niche, which is making custom knives.”

Knives2With many thousands of small knife makers across the country trying to attract attention, various websites have popped up providing services such as consignment selling, but with the knife makers sell their knives directly to knife buyers by listing their wares on the website, and allowing the buyer to order directly from them.  There is no more need to waste time and money trying to market and run their own small website, nor to risk sending their knives to a 3rd party which is going to charge them a large consignment fee to sell their knives.  With, there is no middle man fee, the website is completely free.

The ability for these knife makers to quickly and easily find buyers is key to insuring that the makers can continue to do what they love, which is make knives, not spend time trying to compete online.” said Kirk Barnum, President of “Our website gives them a completely free place to list their knives, attract buyers, and sell them online without having to hassle with any 3rd party wanting a cut.  That equates to a more efficient way to bring these buyers and sellers together; it’s that simple.” helps buyers and sellers of custom knives to get together online. Every knife on the website is handmade by small, independent, knife makers all across the country.  All types of knives are available from kitchen knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, and more.