“Moore Strong” sends Westboro running

WestboroMooreOK1As national news sensation The Blaze.com reports: “It was an epic showdown that sent Westboro Baptist Church members fleeing the scene after only 10 minutes of picketing Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma.  Westboro congregants, known for protesting against gays and lesbians and at military funerals, regularly contend that God punishes mankind with natural disasters.”

You read that right.  Westboro’s mindless minions appeared to damn Moore, Oklahoma for an F5 tornado. How did that work out for them?  Not well.  “Moore Strong” sent the criticizing heretics scurrying like rats to escape a fire. The term “righteous indignation” comes to mind.

WestboroMooreOK2As The Blaze wrote, “the virulent church group was apparently in town to affirm its belief that the deadly storm was evidence of God’s wrath… Westboro members had a permit to appear for a half hour outside of Central Junior High, the building that has been housing school students since the storm ravaged Plaza Towers Elementary School…”

Call it “Moore Strong” or “Okie Attitude” or the “Oklahoma Standard,” but we will act at need.

More than “two thousand Moore residents took to the streets on foot and on motorcycles to counter the protest.”  Isn’t it fun that freedom is a two edged sword?  Oklahomans rise at every need to help each other time and time again regardless of the cause from deadly tornado(s), fires, or when evil fanatics bomb office buildings. We will rise and rise again.

WestboroMooreOK3In Moore, “They honked horns, laughed, cheered and held signs with messages like, “Thank God Fred’s Dead,” referencing to the recent death of Westboro founder Fred Phelps, and “WBC Wrecking Crew,” among other messages aimed at the church.

“It didn’t take long for a number of frustrated individuals to cross the street to confront Westboro picketers, sending the church members fleeing,”

Police held back angry residents while the parishioners ran to their vehicles. Below is one unedited local video.

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