Insurance Comm. Doak files for re-election

OK Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak

OK Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak

In a prepared statement released as he filed for re-election, Insurance Commissioner John Doak said, “I have been blessed to serve the people of our great state these last four years. Accountability, fairness and transparency are cornerstones of good government. These principles have guided our work in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

“I want to keep working for consumers, preserving free and fair competition in insurance markets and promoting the conservative, fiscally responsible policies in government that create a stronger economy and stronger state. I am proud of the work we’ve done in each of these areas over the last four years, and, with the people’s support, we’ll continue to build on this progress over the next four years,” Commissioner Doak said.

The release continues:

Among the many issues Doak has taken on as Commissioner, none have been bigger than his work in the fight against ObamaCare. Commissioner Doak has emerged as a leader and conservative spokesman against the plan, both here in Oklahoma and nationally. He has strongly opposed the program’s tax increases, federal mandates and abuse of religious freedoms.

JohnDoakTVWhere the law grants state regulators flexibility, Commsioner Doak has acted to relieve Oklahoma consumers and businesses of unworkable and onerous federal regulation. Commisioner Doak’s work has been highlighted by numerous conservative groups, like the Heritage Foundation.

Commissioner Doak has also demonstrated a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility in office. Thanks to prudent budgeting and efficient operations over the last three years, the Insurance Department has returned approximately $17 million to the state Treasury that it was authorized to spend.

MaryFallinTornatoIn another major accomplishment, Commissioner Doak established a first-of-its-kind catastrophe response team to assist communities in times of natural disaster. The response team was called into action following the major tornadoes that swept across Oklahoma in 2013. The Insurance Department helped process approximately 100,000 tornado-related insurance claims. Commissioner Doak was personally on-site in the disaster areas for weeks. He went literally house-to-house, standing in front yards where homes once stood, meeting with insurance adjusters and helping Oklahomans thru the claims process. Commissioner Doak personally intervened with national insurance company home offices, calling on behalf of tornado victims. According to one national insurance company executive, it was the first time the executive had ever received such a call directly from a state insurance commissioner.

Under Commissioner Doak’s leadership, Oklahoma has become a model for providing assistance and processing disaster related claims. Insurance Commissioners from across the country have come here to learn about our nation-leading best practices.

“During my first campaign, I promised to be a Commissioner for all Oklahomans. Part of this pledge was my commitment to personally visit every county in the state each year to meet local people and listen to their concerns. I have kept this pledge during my first three years as Commissioner and am on track to visit every county again this year. And I will keep doing this as long as I am in office. For me, the people of our state will always come first,” Commissioner Doak said.

Commissioner Doak is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Born and raised in Tulsa, he lives there today with his wife, Debby, and their two children.