Sen. Bingman requests wind energy inquiry

WindPowerBirdOklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman sent a letter today to the state Corporation Commission asking for a Notice of Inquiry regarding wind energy development in Oklahoma.

Sen. Bingman authored Senate Bill 1440 this legislative session in an attempt to study wind development more closely before wind farms are constructed, especially close to more populated areas in Oklahoma. The legislation was temporarily shelved in order to allow more time to study the issue.

Sen Brian Bingman

Sen Brian Bingman

“Appropriate wind energy development in the state is a subject deserving more study and examination,” said Bingman. “This Notice of Inquiry with the Commission will allow for a thorough and efficient examination of the issue without duplication of effort.”

As part of his request, Sen. Bingman asked that the Notice of Inquiry include:

  • an examination of whether there is a need to place the siting of new facilities under the oversight of the Commission or some other agency and, if so, the factors to be considered
  • the development of guidelines for proper decommissioning of wind energy facilities, along with the possible costs and enforcement mechanisms for failure to complete the decommissioning
  • whether procedures should be required for notification to landowners

“I am supportive of the wind industry in Oklahoma, but it is important as the industry expands that we explore that growth in a responsible way,” said Rep. Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville, and House author of SB 1440. “A deliberative discussion is needed with all interested parties so we can ensure the best policy for the state is put in place.”

WindIndustry“I believe it is imperative for all stakeholders to have full, ample opportunity for relevant input, and my understanding is the Commission’s NOI process affords all interested persons such opportunity,” said Bingman. “I look forward to seeing the Commission’s findings and considering further legislative action that may be needed in the future.”