Cartoons of the Middle East

WorldLeadersAgreeWhat culture teaches children is critical for each generation. Self-reliance or dependence, history or myth, and, ultimately, peace or war are found in the lessons learned in youth.  As they teach their children; nations prosper or not. In the Middle East, forecasts of the future are easily seen in both Israeli and Palestinian cartoons.

Officials of Israel’s Diaspora Ministry on Tuesday released a two-minute animated YouTube clip mapping out what it says are “the pitfalls” of the nuclear agreement which western powers are currently negotiating with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

The movie was sent out to hundreds of Jewish leaders and  organizations in an effort to raise awareness of the danger Iran will continue to pose, even with an agreement in place, the ministry stated.

In a letter accompanying the film,  Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett wrote, “Now is the time to speak up and take action to stop a bad deal from being signed that will allow Iran to obtain a  nuclear weapon.”

To contrast with the Israeli offering, consider the Palestinian government’s regular television offerings for children below.

Hamas Mickey Mouse Teaches Terror to Kids – YouTube

Promoting violence for children – Palestinian Media Watch

So as Mickey Mouse is used … Do you think Walt would be pleased and how likely is it that peace will be found anytime soon?