An Open Letter to Congress

CongressMeetsOpinion:  Dear Congress – Republicans of all stripes, Democrats, including the communists, fascists, and Muslims, and you so-called Independents – Can we impeach him, now?

Has his latest instance of ignoring the laws he swore to uphold – “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” – finally crossed the Red Line that will move you to live up to your oaths of office?

Will not informing you at least 30 days in advance of his intention to release five of the most powerful and dangerous of the Taliban prisoners held in Guantanamo, a move, by the way, that also ended the decades old American policy of never negotiating with terrorists, thus putting all American servicemen and women, not to mention civilians, at risk, will this, added to his long list of high crimes and misdemeanors finally motivate you to do your duty as our elected representatives and impeach the traitor before he does any more damage to our beloved country?

America's King George?

America’s King George?

There has never, in the history of America, been such arrogant, blatant, willful and with malice aforethought, ignoring of the Constitution, the Rule of Law, both at home and abroad. Obama’s release of five major terrorists in exchange for a deserter or defector and probable Muslim jihadi convert, has clearly given aid and comfort to the enemy. Given the fact that this developed over a period of years, it is impossible that this was not intentional. In addition, it’s obvious that the timing of this disaster was arranged to distract from the growing mass of domestic lawlessness that has come to light in the past months.

Here at home, you in Congress have chosen to helplessly wring your hands and be “concerned” or buried your heads in the sand (or some other dark place) and pretended that Obama had not on 23 occasions played the dictator and personally changed parts of the federal Obamacare law. ATFFastFurious2You chose the same approach when, along with his alter-ego, Eric Holder, they allowed thousands of guns to be run into Mexico by the violent drug cartels. While you did cite Holder with criminal contempt of Congress, punishable by not less than one month nor more than twelve months in jail and a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000, you never enforced the penalty.

Holder and Obama have also refused to prosecute racist voter intimidation in Philadelphia, or enforce our immigration laws, and have essentially rewritten our drug laws without your help, much less consent. Their refusal to enforce immigration laws has encouraged a tidal wave of new illegal alien entries. They are providing these criminals with lawyers, paid for with our hard-earned tax dollars, and have released back onto our streets thousands of jailed, often violent criminals. They are actively abetting minor illegals to cross into the country, including transporting and housing them.

TaxCheatSpyYou feigned outrage, but did nothing of substance, when it was exposed that the Obama administration – obviously, with Obama’s approval – used the apparently more than willing IRS to deprive conservatives of their First Amendment rights. You have turned your faces to the wall so you won’t see that Obama and Holder’s Operation Choke Point is being intentionally used to attack the firearms industry in a manner that is so obviously illegal that even you would recognize it.

Obama and the members of his administration have committed dozens of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the six years they have been in power. Repeat, dozens. However, from the outset, you have showed a cowardice never before seen in American politics.

BarackObamaFrontmanYou did not have the courage to make the completely reasonable demand that Obama make his personal records and documents, i.e., his original birth certificate (not a photoshopped version), his draft records, his college records, his passport records, etc.), available for the public to see. There are serious allegations, based on the little that we do know, that Obama is either a Kenyan or Indonesian citizen, not an American. Asking him to produce the documents to prove otherwise is logical, and Obama could end all the controversy nearly immediately by doing so. It seems very clear that he is hiding something.

BarackObamaDictatorshipThe list here is far from complete, omitting Benghazi, Libya and the War Powers Act, gun-running to Al Qaeda in Syria, and the Ukrainian debacle, among many other incidents and issues. But, even with your limited ethical, moral, and intellectual abilities, you should now be able to see that doing what your oath of office requires you to do is not racist, nor partisan, nor petty, nor politically motivated.

It is your duty. Repeat, your duty.