Do WE have a Red Line?

WeThePeopleOpinion: Do We, the People, have a Red Line, that when our enemies cross it, we will rise up in defense of our country, our Constitution, and our way of life? Do we have a point at which the destruction of our children’s future will make us take action to stop it? So far, it seems we don’t.

With each passing week, the rate and intensity that our enemies are successfully attacking us seems to increase exponentially. By the way, I am not just referring to our overt Muslin enemies, and our more covert ones like Russia and China. I am also talking about Obama, his “administration”, and the entire Democrat Party.

BarackObamaFrontmanIt has become so clear that even the dimmest bulb on the string can see it that Obama and his co-conspirators never had any intentions of ever obeying the Constitution. From the outset, Obama has made public statements of his contempt for the Constitution and America, and throughout his political career his actions have shown this.

Here at home, his changing of laws by “executive order”, his refusal to have the totally corrupt Injustice Department enforce other laws or prosecute lawbreakers because of their race, and his use of the IRS to oppress conservatives and deny them their 1st Amendment right of free speech, are just a few of the growing list of egregious violations of the Constitution – crimes against the American people, committed conspiratorially, with malice aforethought.

BarackObamaRedLine2Overseas, Obama’s “foreign policy” can only be described one way – treason. He and his Democrat accomplices have borrowed away our children’s economic future, creating a massive, unsustainable indebtedness to the Communist Chinese government. They can pull the rug from under us any time they choose. It’s just a matter of time.

In addition, Obama and the Democrats have severely weakened our military, with budget cuts, wussification, insane “rules of engagement”, a purge of our strong military leaders, replacing them with his hand-picked globalists, and a policy of groveling appeasement and tail-between-the-legs cut-and-run. This has encouraged China to become actively aggressive, threatening the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea; Russia has become aggressively active in the Middle East and sent submarines, ships, and bombers, unchallenged, into our territory; North Korea, which has left no doubt that America is her ultimate target, has been allowed to continue developing its nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them; and Iran is inches away from having nukes and is openly involved in both Syria and Iraq.

BarackObamaRedLine1But it’s in the Middle East that the treason becomes blatant and undeniable. The evidence that Benghazi was the result of a State Department approved CIA gun-running operation gone bad, an outrageously illegal gun-running operation aimed at supplying radical Islamists in Syria with weapons, is now massive and undeniable.

It is also unmistakable and undeniable that the savage barbarians who are poised to completely take over Iraq – ISIS – are armed with literally tons of American weapons. To make matters even worse, Obama and his far-left State Department have refused to sell warplanes to the Iraqi government, the government they have made such a phony side-show of supporting, forcing them to turn to the Russians for the weapons they need to defend themselves. It seems patently obvious that Obama, his advisers (read, puppet-masters), his State Department, and his toady generals are giving vast and growing aid and comfort to the enemy, which is universally defined as treason. Period.

BarackObamaCiceroTraitorHere at home, Obama, all the Democrats, and a substantial number of neo-fascist Republicans, have not only refused to close our southern border, but refused to enforce our long-standing immigration laws, and actively encouraged what can only be described as an invasion of America by foreign nationals.

The complicit-up-to-their-plucked-eyebrows, so-called “mainstream” media have lied, and lied, and covered up, and then lied some more about the true number of criminal aliens that are in the process of overrunning our country. The actual number is not the outrageous 11 million, but probably an incomprehensible, staggering 51 million. Could this be why so many native-born Americans are unable to find jobs? Du-uh! And folks, it’s intentional.

The border has been kept open for decades now, to facilitate the imposition of a North American Union. For those of you who aren’t willfully brain-dead, you no doubt remember the Trans-Texas Corridor, part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, begun by Bill Clinton, and officially agreed to and signed by George W. Bush. This was to be a 1200 foot wide superhighway with a railroad corridor, to move mainly Chinese goods from two Mexican ports to a Mexican port of entry – Mexican soil – in Kansas. It was to be a toll road, built by Spanish and Australian companies, and the trunk of a network of similar roads throughout America and into Canada. It was canceled when the public found out that it would, among other odious things, require nearly half a million acres of private land to be confiscated through eminent domain. It still waits in the wings.

TeaPartyGlasdonFlagIn spite of all this and more, so far, no point has been reached, no Red Line has been crossed that will motivate Americans to get off the couch, turn off the TV and actively move to defend our freedom and way of life.

Easy come, easy go. Oh, well. Got dip for these chips?