How ‘Sexual Liberty’ devours real Liberty

SexualTyrannyOpinion: Whenever there is a conflict between “sexual liberty” and religious freedom, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any cases in which religious liberty should win.”

So spoke Chai Feldblum, Georgetown law professor and Obama administration commissioner of the EEOC. We understand her to mean that “sexual liberty,” or the freedom to fornicate, must always trump the free exercise of religion.

Case in point, and only one of many: the attorney general of the state of Washington has vowed to fine a florist $2,000 a day because she committed the crime of refusing to decorate a homosexual mock marriage event. She, with her little one-shop business, is an enemy of the people. She must be crushed. And just to make sure she gets the message, the ACLU is suing her, too. To stop her from being a bully, I guess.

BarackObamaGayPresMind you, this is happening before the Supreme Court discovers a “right to gay marriage” cleverly concealed within the Constitution. Already the explicitly-stated First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion has been made to bow to a “sexual liberty” mentioned nowhere in the document. Maybe James Madison hid it under the coffee table.

If they come roaring after religious liberty like this before the Supremes enthrone “gay marriage,” what will life in America be like afterward?

GayTulsa2Oh! But we can just all get along, can’t we?

The homosexual movement is insatiable and un-appeasable. Like a fire, it won’t stop after consuming half the log. It’ll go on and on until either someone puts it out or all its fuel is consumed and there’s nothing left to burn.

Here is what we must expect.

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