Living fear in Raqqa

IslamISIS1Sky News Correspondent, Jason Farrell offers a chilling documentary of children in Syria being taken from their families to be trained as Islamic State fighters and used as informants, according to a civilian who fled the city of Raqqa.

Former student Abu Abrahim Raqqawi gave Sky News an account of life inside the IS-controlled city where he claimed children are being indoctrinated to become jihadists.

Abu, whose name has been changed, is able to talk because he was smuggled out of Raqqa two weeks ago but remains in regular contact with more than a dozen other underground activists in the city.

IslamISIS2“They (IS) say to the young people, those between 16 and 18, ‘Okay, we will give you money if you say who are talking about us or are saying something bad about us’.

“There is a camp for under-16 children. They took a lot of children without their families knowing, and it’s very bad. It’s just a special camp for young people. They make them like a bomb; a time bomb.”

The US launched airstrikes against IS targets in Syria on Tuesday and Abu Abrahim said IS members in the city were killed after rockets struck their communications hub and a hospital used exclusively by the militants. But there are mixed feelings about Western military intervention.

Abu Abrahim said: “There is anger because the city is being destroyed but some accept they have to do a deal with the devil to get rid of IS.

Click here for more with video from Sky News.

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