‘Gaydeology’: Houston’s Day of the Triffids

TriffidsOpinion: How do I even begin this column?

It starts with a major American city electing a lesbian as its mayor. The city then goes on to ram through a “transgender rights” ordinance giving certain desperately messed-up men the “right” to use women’s rest rooms. By now we have already entered the Twilight Zone, but it gets worse.

HoustonNaturally the city — Houston, Texas — finds a lot of opposition to this bizarre and unnecessary legislation. Led by various churches, some 50,000 Houstonites sign a petition against the ordinance. The mayor and her henchmen declare the petition irregular and invalid, although it has several times as many signatures as needed.

So the case is going to go to court: and next thing we know, the mayor’s legal team takes the unprecedented step of subpoenaing the sermons preached in their least favorite churches. The mayor claimed the authority to search the sermons for objectionable remarks against herself and her policies, hoping to find some means to destroy the pastors and cripple the churches for their opposition.

Annise Parker, Mayor, City of Houston

Annise Parker, Mayor, City of Houston

In no time at all, this incredible overreach provoked a nationwide uproar, prompting the mayor and her lawyer to back down, sort of. They don’t want the sermons anymore. But they still want to vet the pastors’ “speeches.”

We know from painful experience that these incidents are like waves that creep a little farther up the shore each time until they finally wash away the castle.

What we are seeing here, and in many other places throughout the country, is a focused effort by statists and their “gay” shock troops to destroy the moral authority of Christianity in America. It is not possible for two contradictory moral codes to reign supreme in one nation. One must be trodden down by the other.

“Gaydeology,” the dogma that “sexual liberation” is the highest moral value, presses forward aggressively on all fronts. Christians are to be punished by the state if they refuse to knuckle under. But the militant “gays” are only the street muscle for a “progressive” project to beat down church, family, and anything else that competes with the secular, God-denying state for the loyalty of every citizen. This vision for America, and for all the other countries of the Western world, has roots in the 19th century that sprouted into man-eating plants in the 20th, to become a worldwide plague in the 21st.

It is reminiscent of “The Day of the Triffids,” a classic horror movie about plants from outer space that infest the earth and strike blind anyone who gets too close.

ChristianPersecutionWell, we have been blind, haven’t we? Blind to threats to our freedom, blind to the vast incompetence of government, and blind to its insatiable lust for power. Worst of all, we have been both blind and deaf to God our maker and our Father, whose blessings have been the lifeblood of America.

But maybe that’s the way we want it. If we can persuade ourselves that good is evil, and evil is good, it would be easy enough for us to believe that darkness is light, and that being blind is only a better way of seeing.

ChristiansAttacked1The tyrannical officials who are doing this to us didn’t seize power in a bloody coup. We elected them. Houston’s lesbian mayor didn’t come down in a UFO. The people of Houston elected her.

Makes you wonder about those elections, doesn’t it?

Maybe we don’t want religious freedom anymore. Maybe we don’t want to make our own decisions anymore. How easily the statists have seduced us! Food stamps, government health care, and the freedom to fornicate—that was all it took to buy our nation’s soul.

BarackObamaIslamProphetSo maybe the Ebola party, the open borders party, the party that boos God at its national convention, the men-in-women’s-rest-rooms party, the party that covets the power to decide what is preached or not preached from the pulpit—maybe that party will hold on to power in next month’s election. Maybe enough Christians will stay home, or vote third party, to allow our progressive rulers another two years in which to consolidate their gains.

And maybe the next time they subpoena sermons, they won’t have to back down at all.

About the author: Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on www.amazon.com. This column was first posted on BarbWire.com.

Editor’s Note: So Houston, Tulsa’s big sister city, has “gone all gay on us?”  We already knew that actually.  In the percentage of homosexual residents within the population only Houston and San Francisco rank greater than Tulsa.  In some Tulsa companies, heterosexuals and Christians are not welcome to work. What do you think on the issue and the opinions expressed in this column? Your comments welcome below.

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