Nigerian girls detail horrific Boko Haram abuse

Victims of Islamic terror

Victims of Islamic terror

While most American media focus on domestic political coverage, the UK’s Sky News is reporting heart-rending first person narratives from the Nigerian children who lay bare the ordeal of hundreds of kidnapped girls held by militants who demand they convert to Islam or face death.

Girls who escaped Nigerian terror group Boko Haram have described the physical torture, rape and forced marriage that many endure in their secret forest camps.

BokoHaramFightersSome victims are also forced to take part in attacks and carry ammunition for fighters during battle. Others have been used as ‘bait’ to lure Christian men to their deaths.

The abuse is detailed in a Human Rights Watch report, which includes first-hand accounts from some of the schoolgirls who escaped after April’s Chibok kidnappings.

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