Attkisson: CBS intentional omission

BarackObamaMediaSunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson told the story of CBS executives intentionally hiding a clip from the day after the Benghazi attacks with President Barack Obama to protect and promote his upcoming election.

In Tulsa Today‘s opinion – CBS is thereby disqualified as journalists and should retire from the industry or fire everyone involved in that decision from the top down. Further, any honorable journalist covering CBS news tidbits should include the word “disgraced” to describe the channel’s news. Harsh? Yes, but reasonably suggested to those who proclaim and promote themselves as trustworthy in the delivery of public information.

Of course, that assumes journalism still holds honor.

benghazi1Host Howard Kurtz asked, “Let’s talk about what happened with ’60 Minutes,’ the day after the Benghazi attacks with President Obama… some of that interview ended up not being used. after the second 2012 debate, it became a big issue whether or not the president had or had not referred to Benghazi attacks as terrorist attacks.”

During the 2012 presidential debate, Mitt Romney had said it took Obama 14 days to admit the attack was terrorism but Obama bulked saying he did that day, but when asked the next day he is seen refusing to give a terror motive saying, “Well, it’s too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved. but, obviously, it was an attack on Americans.”

Attkisson said, “Let me say that that exchange should have been pulled out immediately after the debate, which would have been very newsy at the time. It was exclusive to CBS. It would have to me proven Romney’s point against Obama. But that clip was kept secret.”

benghazi2“I was covering Benghazi, nobody told me we had it and directed me from the ‘Evening News’ to a different clip of the same interview to give the impression that the president had done the opposite. And it was only right before the election that somebody kind of leaked out the transcript to others of us as CBS and we were really shocked. We saw that was something very unethical done to have kept that up.”

She added, “The ‘Evening News’ people who had access to that transcript, according to the emails that I saw when it was sent from ’60 Minutes’ to ‘Evening News’ the very day it was taken, SharylAttkissonStonewalledthey, in my view, skipped over it, passed it up, kept it secret. And I think that was because they were trying to defend the president and they thought that would be harmful to him.

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And you thought ideological idiots only worked in government. Surprise or not, Attkisson proves beyond a shadow of doubt they currently control CBS News.

Attkisson has written a book covering her battle titled, “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington” available from Amazon here.

Tulsa Today highly recommends “Stonewalled” which should be required reading in every journalism class.

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