Obama to focus public on racist cops

BarackObamaFergusonLgNeil Munro, White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller in a column Sunday writes that President Barack Obama’s first move in December will be to focus the nation’s attention on complaints about racist cops in African-American communities. That may be “all good” with CNN according to the New York Post.

The move, Munro suggests, may be part of an effort to grab the political initiative after the Democrats’ massive losses in the Nov. 4 election, and also to keep the public’s attention away from his unpopular Nov. 21 announcement that he will provide 4 million illegal immigrants with work permits and taxpayer-funded aid programs.

BarackObamaHolderBlackPanthersMunro writes: Progressives, Democrats and media outlets stepped up their complaints about law enforcement in African-American neighborhoods after a grand jury decided Nov. 24 to not charge police officer Darren Wilson with any crime following his shooting of a black man in August in Ferguson, Mo.

The shooting — and the grand jury’s decision — prompted riots and was cited frequently by Democratic activists during the 2014 midterm campaign.

To grab the public’s attention for December, the White House announced Nov. 30 that Obama has a Dec. 1 morning meeting with cabinet members to talk about federal programs that supply equipment to local police forces.

BarackObamaClassWar2He’ll also meet with “national civil rights leaders” in the Oval Office, and then meet with a large group of police, elected officials and “community and faith leaders” in a nearby auditorium.

They will “discuss how communities and law enforcement can work together to build trust to strengthen neighborhoods across the country,” according to a White House statement. He’s also sending Attorney General Eric Holder to give a speech in an African-American church in Atlanta.

BarackObamaCiceroTraitorThe new focus on allegedly racist cops comes after Obama announced he would alter immigration enforcement that would allow millions of illegal immigrants, many of whom compete for low-wage jobs against blue-collar African-Americans, to stay in the United States. He will also grant work-permits to 4 million and boost the inflow of guest-workers into the country.

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The New York Post in a not subtle headline over the weekend declares, “CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful.’”

Ferguson5The column begins with a quiz for traditional media: What happens if you’re out doing “man on the street” interviews but none of the men on the street fit your “narrative”?

If you’re CNN, you stop interviewing them.

It has been remarkable to watch the last few days as America’s self-styled “most trusted news network” has sent out teams of reporters to various areas of Ferguson, Mo., ostensibly to cover the protests there. While their cameramen are watching cars on fire and stores being looted, the reporters ramble on about how “most people here” are “peaceful protesters.”

Ferguson4Where are these peaceful protesters? The reporters can’t seem to find any. Instead, they turn to outside experts and some carefully vetted religious leaders to talk about “the real message” of the protests.

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