Boko Haram attacks: Images ‘shocking’ proof

BokoHaramFightersUpdated: Multiple media are reporting on the “other” terror lose in the world.  Specifically Boko Haram  which Amnesty International shows wiping towns off the map.

This corresponds with in-country witness reports Tulsa Today has gathered that Boko Haram is killing everyone in every location they attack. If villagers fight or run – they are shot. If they submit – they are hacked to death with machetes. If they hide in any structure – that structure (home, school, church) is burned to the ground. Everyone dies. This is evil. For generations Muslims and Christians have lived in peace as neighbors, but Boko Haram allows no such civilization.

It is not France, but Nigeria. It is worse than the Islamic attacks on some lame cartoon rag.  Boko Haram is clearing the land within their reach of all human life.

Satellite images of the “catastrophic” attacks on two towns in Nigeria by Boko Haram militants have been released by Amnesty International.

Before and after pictures of attacks on towns in Nigeria

Before and after pictures of attacks on towns in Nigeria

The campaign group says the pictures, taken on January 2 and 7, provide “indisputable and shocking evidence” of the scale of the assaults on Baga and neighboring Doron Baga.

Victims of Islamic terror

Victims of Islamic terror

Amnesty International believes hundreds of people were killed and that over 3,700 structures were either damaged or destroyed in the attacks.

These are poor people. They have little more than life and they are dying by direct attack.

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Why do Muslim Nations never respond in force to evil operating in their name?


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