ISIS War Authorization review

ISIS1Opinion: The request for war authorization against ISIS by President Obama puts our nation in an untenable position.  To limit our commitment to fighting this existential threat to just three years is shortsighted and shows a complete misunderstanding of who our enemy is, what they believe, and what motivates them.

To further complicate this request, the President’s decision to put limitations on ground combat options forces our military to fight this war with one hand tied behind its back.

BarackObamaWorldDunceAll options need to be on the table in combating this Radical Islamic threat.  We need to take the fight to our enemy without the constraints this Administration is proactively placing upon itself and this President’s successor.  The next President needs to be able to have all the tools at their disposal to not just conduct military operations, but win this war.

When the President takes our nation to war, the sole objective should be to win, but today’s request by the President puts the lives of our servicemen and women at risk without the tools and latitude to accomplish this goal.

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