Rep. Russell questions NSA

NSAwatching1WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | CA-33) and Congressman Steve Russell (R | OK-5) have sent a letter to Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the NSA. As veterans and members of Government Oversight & Reform’s National Security Subcommittee, Rep. Lieu and Rep. Russell are concerned about recent allegations that the NSA has potentially searched every email sent by Americans to an overseas address.

These allegations came to light late last week in a lawsuit filed by both progressive and conservative groups against the NSA in federal court.

In their letter, Rep. Lieu and Rep. Russell ask the following questions of Admiral Rogers:

Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK)

Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK)

1. Does the NSA seize private internet communications from Americans who send such communications overseas?

2. If the answer to the first question is yes, does the NSA have particularized warrants on each American that allows it to seize the internet communications?

3. What is the legal authority upon which the NSA relies to justify its internet bulk collection program?

4. Are internet providers informed of this internet bulk collection program?

For full text of Lieu, Russell NSA letter. click here.

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