When is a protest a joke?

OkDemocratPartyAnalysis: Mike McCarville of The McCarville Report first noted protesters would gather Saturday outside the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in opposition of Senator Ted Cruz’s visit to Oklahoma as the keynote speaker at an Oklahoma Republican Party fundraiser luncheon.

McCarville later wrote, “It is reported that FOUR Democrat protestors showed up.”

All four must really be dedicated to Democrat policies that have so enhanced the economy and personal Liberty for all Americans. They must truly appreciate how President Barack Obama’s leadership worldwide has promoted peace and enhanced our proud nation in the eyes of the world. They must roar for joy knowing the Obama Administration has been so transparently honest in nothing while spying on and invading the privacy of American news reporters and every text and phone call by every individual American. Feeling so free in a formally free country must inspire cheers.

Mark Hammons and Connie Johnson

2015 Democratic Party Chairman Mark Hammons and Vice Chairman Connie Johnson

Note: Sarcasm in the preceding paragraph did not appear on The McCarville Report, but was implied by the extended headline that provides an answer to the question of when a protest is a joke – “When Four Whole Protesters Show Up.”

McCarville is kind to note protesters “whole.” Tulsa Today is not qualified to render a physical or mental diagnosis so asserting “whole” in mind or body is not within our purview.

As a party, Oklahoma Democrats are considering opening their primary elections to independents. The problem for the Party, however, is not the numbers of those registered, but the quality or coherency or relevancy, if you prefer, of the Democratic Party to Oklahoma voters.

CowGasGiven national leadership; many suggest the only way Democrats can win the loyalty of voting majorities in Oklahoma is to register cows. On the other hand, as the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggested bovine flatulence is causing global warming, even cows might rather vote Republican.

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