The Left’s secret culture war strategy revealed

ImmigrationObamaIn a barely-viewed 2014 video, an illegal immigration activist reveals in detail how the left is successfully deploying culture war tactics in the battle over immigration.

In a talk given in May 2014 to “social justice” allies in Oakland, activist/artist Favianna Rodriguez explains how tactics from the gay rights movement are being applied in the immigration fight to “normalize” illegal aliens and then are implemented as policy by President Obama.

BreitbartBoxFortunately for the healthy future of the nation, continues to bring politically incorrect issues of substance to public media.

The video is further proof of the late Andrew Breitbart’s contention that conservatives often lose on political issues because they are completely outgunned in the culture war. Anyone who wants to reverse the direction of the country’s steady slide into a socialist nightmare should pay very close attention.

This edited version of her seminar on leftist tactics was created for Breitbart News to give some of the key points, but the entire talk can be viewed on YouTube.

There are few instructors more qualified to explain the inner workings of the left’s tactics than pro-illegal activist Favianna Rodriguez. She has a career that spans both street activism and political policy: she’s the co-founder of, a group that focuses on policy — and she’s also the executuve director of the art and activism group CultureStrike.

As an artist, Rodriguez created the “Butterfly” symbol seen on the shirt she’s wearing. The butterfly graphic is the perfect example of how the left uses art and culture to promote a policy agency: the butterfly is used by illegal immigration activists as a visual symbol for migration. The goal is to erase the difference beween legal migration and illegal immigration. It’s a classic cocktail of far-left culture tactics: hiding reality through the use of iconography mixed with redefining language.


The media fails to warn the public of growing violence moving ever further inside the USA.

She tells her audience: “If you have any doubt that pushing the narrative can actually change policy, this is a great example that it can; that by pushing the narrative, by telling our stories, we can change policy.”

If people with conservative political beliefs aren’t willing to learn from the tactics of the left, they will be doomed to failure.

Groups like the ones that Rodriguez heads are highly organized and working in concert with Democrats who regularly petition the White House on immigration policy. Their goal is clear: protect illegal immigration and beat non-Democrats in elections.

Ignore them at your country’s peril the story concludes, click here for more from

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