Corporal Dan Miller announces for County Sheriff

Dan Miller

Dan Miller

While the name Dan Miller has been in the hat for Tulsa County Sheriff long before the tragedy of the Bates shooting, Dan has now officially announced that he will be running for Tulsa County Sheriff.

“With the situation of the Sheriff changing rapidly over the past six months, many people have thought about running and decided not to,” Miller stated. “I want the citizens of Tulsa County to know that I am just as committed now to this as I was back in the spring.”

Along with the continued implementation of the Grand Jury’s recommendations, Miller will bring leadership and integrity to the office by ensuring fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency, and an interactive community relations plan.

“The only way to restore trust to this office is to provide leadership that has integrity, accountability and transparency when it comes to business and fiscal management of the office, and on the street customer service,” Miller stated.

DanMiller2If elected, Dan plans to hold a monthly meeting with the District Attorney and all of the chiefs of police in the county to ensure county law enforcement is operating together to keep Tulsa County safe.

“At the end of the day, our top priority as law enforcement is safety. I recognize that each city is their own entity, but each entity is an important part of Tulsa County. We need to make sure that law enforcement in this county continues to protect and serve cohesively,” he said.

Miller also has plans to engage the public, local elected officials and community leaders to seek additional input to the jury’s recommendations.

“We need to earn trust back with the community. Currently, there are great sheriff deputies out there doing their job honestly, but the community has reserve. The community needs to feel safe again when they hear or see Tulsa County Sheriff,” Miller stated.

TulsaCountyOne thing Miller does not plan on doing is coming into the office and firing everyone. He says he wants to do a top to bottom evaluation of all employees to ensure that each person is in a position that best fits their qualifications and utilizes their skills, while ensuring they are on the correct career path.

Dan is a veteran Tulsa Police Office, with almost 20 years of service; most of which was spent on night patrol in north Tulsa. During this time, Dan has supervised hundreds of felony incidents that include robberies, shootings and homicides, including the Good Friday Shootings. Dan is a nationally recognized State of Oklahoma Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) instructor and one of five individuals in the state credentialed as a Type 3 Incident Commander allowed to manage response and recovery during a natural or man-made disaster.

Dan is a proud father of 4 wonderful children, one of which who is currently completing her U.S. Army basic is training. He comes from a long standing lineage of Tulsa natives who resided in Tulsa County before its statehood.

“One thing, besides my children, that I am proud of, is that my cousin, Bill McCullough, served four terms as sheriff. One of which was during the 1921 Race Riots. He helped to protect the young man accused, and got him out of town safely,” Miller boasts.

You can keep up with Dan on Facebook at ‘Dan Miller for Tulsa County Sheriff’ or visit his website at

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