If guns are the problem, why does Iran get Nukes?

RushLimbaughFoxTalk radio host Rush Limbaugh questioned why “if the existence of guns…is what causes the problem” “why are we allowing the Iranians to nuke up?” on Monday.

Rush stated, “If gun control really worked, why are we allowing the Iranians to nuke up? I mean, you want to talk about a gun?

Breitbart.com has the audio recording, click here for audio.

BarackObamaNeroPlayingHe continued, “A nuclear weapon is a gun extraordinaire, and Obama’s going out of his way to make sure that the Iranians have a stockpile of them. Now, if the existence of guns — in this case nuclear weapons — is what causes the problem, why in the world let a regime like that have them?

The answer is even Obama understands that what he’s saying isn’t true, that the existence of guns is why there is crime committed with them. But the point is, it doesn’t matter what you think anyway; Obama is going to do this. Because the real objective here is the further erosion of liberty and freedom. But even more, it’s the more Obama and the left can render the Constitution irrelevant. You talk about an objective? You talk about something that would just make them orgasmic?

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

“If they could get the American people to the point where the Constitution is just some piece of paper over there that doesn’t matter to a hill of beans, that’s what they would love. And to the effect that they can violate it, that they can avoid it, that they can pretend it doesn’t exist — that they can wantonly, in public, spit on it and get away with it — that’s the objective.”

Earlier, he argued, “There’s nothing they can do to curb gun violence. They’ve shown it. They run Chicago. They run Detroit. They can’t do a thing to curb gun violence. They don’t have the slightest idea how.”

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