Frank Keating endorses Vic Regalado for sheriff

Former Gov. Frank Keating

Former OK Gov. Frank Keating

Governor Frank Keating, a former FBI agent and a prosecutor in President Reagan’s administration, today announced his endorsement of Tulsa Police Sgt. Vic Regalado to be Tulsa County Sheriff.

“I’m endorsing Vic Regalado because quality law enforcement has never been a more critical component of our nation. We live in a dangerous world, and need leaders like Vic who have the right experience, demeanor, and have demonstrated integrity throughout their careers.”

Vic Regalado

Vic Regalado

“Sgt. Regalado has the professional background, commitment and ability to lead,” Keating said. “Specifically, his work as a lead homicide detective is remarkable. He solved cases at a rate that is among the best in the nation, demonstrating an ability to solve problems, manage cases, and work diligently with grieving families to seek justice and bring closure.”

“His swift arrests and work in the Good Friday murders unified a community and garnered Tulsa attention internationally. Vic has solved some of the most complicated homicides such as the Neil Sweeney murder-for-hire case, the Hicks Park murders and the Bob and Nancy Strait murders. This shows his ability to lead, execute and manage.”

“The words spoken about Vic by victim’s families are heartwarming, and speak extraordinarily well of him. You hear a recurring theme that Vic pursues the perpetrators of crime on behalf of the families as if it were his own family.”

VicRegalado1Regalado said he’s honored to have Governor Keating’s endorsement. “Governor Keating is one of the most highly respected leaders in law enforcement in our history. He has a background with the FBI, as a U.S. Attorney and is renowned worldwide for his leadership as governor during the largest act of terror on domestic soil. I will not let Governor Keating down nor will I let the people of Tulsa County down.”

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