Few bad apples

PoliceLightsOpinion:  There  is no better example of how a ‘bad apple ruins the whole bunch’ than cops. Day-in-day-out, stories of police brutality or racism have been flooding social media outlets pushed by anti-civilization ideologues and perpetuated by mainstream news agencies all too eager to defame law enforcement. Tragic incidents have happened since enforcement began and it’s a serious problem, but the current cultural approach has done nothing but made the problem worse. As a result every cop, even the good and decent ones, are being treated with mistrust, disrespect and general hostility.  This must stop.

For every bad cop there are thousand good ones. All recent examples of police acting out of line represent an absurdly small number of individuals exacerbated by, once again, social and Liberal media.

PoliceArrestThere are, in fact, far more stories of police doing their job, upholding the law and putting the safety of others above their own, often with tragic results. What about the cops who have been killed in the line of duty for our sake? Law enforcement is an absurdly dangerous job which requires a very special kind of person, someone who truly views civilization and civilians as causes worth fighting and dying for. And we reward their selfless sacrifice with scorn and ridicule?  It infuriates me to no end. They put their lives on the line so we don’t have to and they deserve the same respect we show for our soldiers.

PoliceArrest2What I have never understood is how, because they’re in a position of authority, that we expect them to be perfect, to always follow the rules by the book and always make the right decisions when in any sort of situation, from firefights to parking tickets. Why is it so difficult to accept that they’re only human, prone to the same influences, lapses in judgement, and all of the human flaws that the rest of the world deal with on a daily basis?

Corruption is often a result of these flaws; circumstances differ but we are all prone to negative influence and corruption because it’s an ugly truth that is buried into our DNA and it won’t go away anytime soon, so it would be ludicrously unfair to expect a normal human to suddenly become something more just from taking a position of authority. Our past is fraught with these situations, especially during Prohibition and Al Capone. Cops are human and we should regard them as such, in both positive and negative outcomes from their daily duties.

PoliceActionImagine if there were no enforcement or positions of power and ask yourself; what kind of world would we live in? Not a pleasant one, for sure; rioting, killing, stealing and other atrocities with no one to stop or control it. It would be an endless cycle of anarchy and chaos and there certainly wouldn’t be any United States or Constitutional Rights and I would likely not be here writing this right now, just as whoever may be reading this wouldn’t. Like it or not, we need authority if we want to progress ourselves and actually get anything done other than kill and prey on others.

ReligiousFreedomPrayI salute all the brave men and women who take up a job as stressful and dangerous as being a police officer, going out and facing unknown dangers so I can sleep soundly at night. I encourage anyone reading this, who may have been burned by corrupt law enforcement in the past, to not be put off by one bad apple; search through the whole bunch and you’ll realize there’s far more good than bad.

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