Pence on FBI: ‘Doesn’t pass the smell test’

GOP Vice President Nominee and host Hugh Hewitt

GOP VP Nominee Mike Pence and host Hugh Hewitt

On this morning’s Hugh Hewitt Show Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN), the GOP nominee for Vice President, squared up on the FBI and hammered the agency for an investigation that “doesn’t rise to the level of being over the appearance of impropriety.”

Listen to the full interview below.  Hugh asks the governor about a whole host of issues in a lively and informative exchange.

Other highlights of the wide-ranging interview include Pence speculating on critical down-ticket Senate races, the Trump/Pence ticket’s prospects in critical North Carolina, and Pence’s strong endorsement of Paul Ryan remaining as Speaker of the House.

“I actually get excited when I think about the combination of a leader like Donald Trump, who’ll cast a vision for a stronger and more prosperous America working with Paul Ryan and working with Mitch McConnell,” the Governor said.

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