Russia, Obama, Trump and “Democratic” Party?

russianhacksAnalysis:  Anyone who reads about Russian hacks and Donald Trump should consider that Leftists are addicted to blaming “others” and feel justified in that lack of individual responsibility.  In breathless repetition, they transmute reality faster than corn pops in hot oil blaming anyone other than what they worship in the mirror.

“The reports on the intelligence community’s (IC) alleged conclusion that Russia wanted President-elect Donald Trump to win the election have been, in a word, schizophrenic. They’re also drawing on some odd sourcing,” the Daily Caller summarizes in an excellent analysis. 

russiabarackobamaTulsa Today asserts the Left’s straw-man blame game cover-up of Clinton’s continual criminality pales in comparison to the “reset button” fiasco, Syria policy debacles and hot-mike willingness to betray US security interests to the Russians during Obama’s Administration, but far be it from us to interrupt other media in any reminder of history.

The Daily Caller continues, “The Washington Post broke the story, reporting the CIA concluded it was Russia’s ‘goal’ to elect Trump by interfering in the election, rather than a more general plan to undermine the legitimacy of the election. The New York Times followed with reports stating the CIA concluded with ‘high confidence’ that electing Trump was the ‘primary aim’ of Russia’s covert campaign.

Russian Convoy enters Ukraine

Russian Convoy enters Ukraine

“These reports fueled the Democrat narrative that Trump is too cozy with Putin and that his win is tainted, and a round of headlines reporting the FBI now “agrees” with the CIA have added fuel to the fire. But a closer look at the reporting shows it’s actually not clear what exactly the CIA concluded regarding Russia’s motives, or what the FBI’s assessment of the motive is. And it’s important to note from the outset that neither the FBI nor the CIA has commented on any of these reports.

The problems and the questions with the storyline fall into three basic distinctions: intent, sourcing and timeline.”  Click here for more from The Daily Caller.

Tulsa Today summary: The Democratic Party and crony apologists may one day return to policy debate, but until then will most likely continue to specialize in identity politics with lies, distortion, distraction and base demonization all of which, if continued, will consign the party founded by Andrew Jackson to urban despair and national disgrace. 

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