Dems discover Disinformation

Analysis: There is nothing new in Russian efforts to destroy America, but maybe hysterical exaggerations to justify the failure of Progressive Ideology will open the eyes of any remaining rational Democrats. As President Obama said, “We are on the same team.”

Surprise as it may be to traditional American Media; Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are not on the same team and they all have active agents continually lying, hacking, leaking, and deceiving if not totally punking political pundits and media – even beyond the obvious race baiter Al Sharpton, communist Van Jones and propagandist Ben Rhodes. Transmuting truth to fiction has developed into a high art and science.

Mentally awake Americans should know that the Republicans could have nominated Jesus of Nazareth for President and the Democrats would have tried to turn Him into Lucifer (not the network show, but the real evil). This is obvious and documented in repeated national political cycles.

In short, political correctness which does not identify evil or lies or bad behavior is killing America and the evil team(s) are laughing all the way to our national graves.

This is not new. The book on the subject written by law professor Ronald Rychlak and the highest ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is titled “Disinformation” and available online by clicking here.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in “Disinformation” you can discover:

How Pope Pius XII – a generation ago the world’s most high-profile Christian leader, who personally saved countless Jews from Hitler’s Holocaust – was transformed, through the magic of disinformation, into a Nazi sympathizer.

How Christianity and Judaism have been targeted for constant denigration and defamation though an ongoing campaign of disinformation.

How the Soviet bloc planted 4,000 agents of influence in the Islamic world, armed with hundreds of thousands of copies of the most infamous anti-Semitic book in history, to fan the flames of ancient Arab resentments against the U.S. and Israel and sow the seeds of anti-Semitism that would later bloom in the form of violence and terror toward Jews and Christians.

John Kerry and friend

How the defamatory attacks on American soldiers John Kerry made before Congress upon his return from Vietnam – charges later discredited and repudiated – were identical to contemporaneous KGB disinformation campaign concocted to turn Americans against their own leaders.

How supposedly respectable institutions like the World Council of Churches have long been infiltrated and controlled by Russian intelligence.

Barack Obama and Frank Marshal Davis, a Communist Activist acknowledged by Obama as his childhood mentor.

How much of the world came to believe that the U.S. government itself masterminded the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

How the Soviet Union has been transformed into the first intelligence dictatorship in history.

How disinformation is still very much alive in the age of Obama, remaining a powerful engine in the ongoing socialist transformation of America.

Contrary to fact, traditional media and most mavens of popular culture believe any good word about America must be a lie and everyone else always truthful. That is the core of disinformation and the damnation of the National Democratic Committee which is too simple minded to understand that common ideology and/or crony criminality does not remove national objectives.

Said another way, if Time magazine’s cover “We’re all socialists now” was ever true thanks to President Obama then why do so very many radical socialist countries continue to effort our destruction? 

Answer: Not the same team.

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