KTUL/ABC host Kimmel attacks Pruitt

Editorial:  Jimmy Kimmel, host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC and featured locally on KTUL TV 8 has called Oklahoma Attorney General and EPA director designate Scott Pruitt “a piece of shit” proving once again why elitist media and leftist loons are melting down nationwide. They operate without facts, wisdom or molecule of common sense. They foolishly think they will have the last word. Think again. They can stick @Kimmel tweets and his show where the sun never shines.

Kimmel’s tweet linked to a website for Washington, D.C.-based environmental nonprofit American Rivers – a group that, judging from it’s writings, worships the creation over the creator.

“President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency is someone who has fought consistently to block environmental protections,” the group’s website reads. “The American people did not vote to put the EPA in the hands of someone who has recklessly worked against its mission to protect Americans’ water.”

What ignorance! What stupidity! What blatant disingenuous propaganda!

Dustin McDaniel

A more rational and knowledgeable perspective is provided by Dustin McDaniel an attorney in Little Rock who served as the Attorney General of Arkansas. McDaniel is a member of the Democratic National Committee and was a strong supporter of Clinton’s campaign for President. His recommendation of Scott Pruitt for the EPA may be found by clicking here.

Kimmel has been tapped to host the broadcast of the 89th annual Academy Awards on February 26, but his regular show on ABC should be considered for boycott by viewers of good conscience. Locally, KTUL TV 8 features Kimmel. KTUL’s Facebook and twitter offer opportunity for Oklahomans to connect to the station. KTUL’s Director of Broadcast Operations may be reached by email here: rbherring@sbgtv.com

For a reasoned review of Scott Pruitt’s confirmation hearings Nicolas Loris, an economist focusing on environmental and regulatory issues as a fellow at The Heritage Foundation writes this: Protesters with megaphones are making a lot of noise over the confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

OK AG Scott Pruitt at Trump Tower, NY

But Pruitt and others concerned about an agency that has grossly exceeded its statutory authority and threatened individual liberty are giving a bigger megaphone to voices all over the country that need to be heard.

They’re providing a voice to the family the EPA fined $75,000 per day for placing gravel on virtually dry land. They’re standing up for the farmers (like this cranberry farmer), ranchers, and homebuilders worried about the authority seized by the EPA in the Waters of the United States rule, which could destroy their way of life.

And they’re aiming to protect the small businesses and families across the country facing higher energy bills as a result of global warming regulations on the country’s power fleet.

Click here for more from Nicolas Loris at The Daily Signal.

(HT: Breitbart.com)

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