Joy Villa rocks freedom at Grammys

Editorial: Pop singer Joy Villa arrived Sunday at the 2017 Grammy Awards wearing a simple white outfit– until she removed it on the red carpet, revealing a dress styled to reflect the graphics of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Before arrival at the Grammys, Villa shared a message that her “whole artistic platform is about LOVE!”

Tulsa Today loves any entertainer with talent, earned skills, courage and the exuberant confidence to reject controlling sycophants of political correctness. You go girl!  

Villa has a modest growing entertainment résumé and social media following where she promotes her skills as an actress, singer-songwriter, and vegan bikini bodybuilder.

In a recent video blog (included below) Villa shares how she overcomes much of the criticism she has received.

She encourages aspiring performing artists to “tell the haters to eff off, because they have no say over your life — and as a performing artist, people are going to criticize you ’til you’re black and blue.”

Fox News is reporting Villa’s music sales have “skyrocketed since the singer wore the pro-Trump dress at Sunday night’s 59th annual Grammy Awards.”

A performance it was as Villa flung off the white frock to reveal a gown of patriotic red, white and blue that urged “Make America Great Again” and had “Trump” in sparkly letters on the back hem.

The 25-year-old’s EP “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s top digital paid albums and reached number seven on the iTunes top album chart after her red carpet appearance.

The singer explained her controversial look further on Instagram writing, “Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree.”

The dress’ designer, Andre Soriano, said on Instagram the gown is a “tribute [to] OUR President Of The United States Of America” adding the hashtag #MAGA.

Villa’s look quickly prompted support from fans, but she was also accused of trying to get attention. Which is not nor has it ever been a problem or subject for criticism for any star on the left.

Madonna can pole dance around Christ’s Cross in live performance and threaten fantasy suggestions about blowing up the White House, but it’s all good for the left as long as words and music help destroy personal morals, ethics, America specifically or civilization in general.

Other media covers a fraction of the hate she is getting from George Soros’ Leftist minions, duplicitous fools and other tools. You can find more of that by clicking here for or clicking here for

We like this talent. That doesn’t mean we are going all vegan bikini bodybuilder, but it does look good on Joy Villa.

Click here for Joy Villa’s web site and click here for her Facebook page.

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