Has Bill Clinton lost his mind?

Bill Clinton and Monica as the hot-to-trot Intern

Opinion: Bill Clinton is still making speeches for big money, but The Daily Sheeple suggests, “Apparently former president Bill Clinton has completely lost his mind and has no idea who or where he is.

“In his first public speaking engagement since his wife lost the election, Clinton found it within himself while delivering the keynote at an event hosted by the Brookings Institution to say, ‘We have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics.'” 

What have the Clinton’s ever known about personal decency?  What are their demonstrated personal and/or public values?

Answer: No truth, law or decency restricts them. No honor, oath or obligation in any regard limits their egos, greed or indulgences.

These corrupt self-aggrandizing pompous con artists are Satan’s gift to God’s Country – fracked up fools only loony leftists love.

Explain how a $1,000.00 investment in cattle futures becomes a $100,000.00 profit?  How are Vince Foster’s personal records these days? Remember TravelGate? The Russian “reset” for uranium purchases? Mass murder in Libya? The historic list is extensive.

Shrill Hill purchased directly or by promise the Democratic Party establishment, screwed Bernie Sanders, said abortion was fine even after birth, held no coherent policies for the presidency and yet believed she was entitled to the job.

Just like every other criminal on the planet, Bill and Hillary think honor and honesty are for suckers.

Take it away, Twitterverse. For more laughable truth by insult and graphics, click here for the Daily Sheeple.com. The text of some of those comments follow, but the graphics here are some of Tulsa Today’s favorites from the campaign. We actually have more than space allows.

@IsaacDovere Start by explaining why the Secret Service code name for Monica Lewinsky was “Humidor” — Odysseus (@OdyReturns) March 9, 2017

@IsaacDovere The jokes about cigars, blue dresses, lying, interns, affairs, sex, harassment, Jeff Epstein & Orgy Island write themselves. — SophieRo3 (@SophieRo3) March 9, 2017

@IsaacDovere Depends on what your definition of “simple” “decency” “trust” “politics”… and “is” is. — snail tracks (@snailtracks) March 9, 2017

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