Katy Perry: talented, but clueless again

Opinion: Don’t tell Katy Perry, but she is living proof that ignorance always appears brilliant to itself in the mirror.

Clearly, Perry lives in a bubble of sycophants mirroring mindless tripe absent wisdom cheering her every intellectual flatulence. Yes, she has a new album and is on tour for Tulsa, but is this fame-flamer someone to admire or boycott? 

Is this opinion unfair? Are we being mean to a pretty preforming girl? Is it possible we are asking too much of the dancing monkey?  She can sing.  She can dance.  She looks good. She can buy songwriters, musicians and dancers to do their parts to make her better.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry took a moment during her hosting duties at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards to poke fun at President Donald Trump for losing the popular vote during the 2016 presidential election to Democrat Hillary Clinton, though he ultimately ended up winning the presidency as all presidents have by the Electoral College vote from each state.

The “Roar” singer got the quick dig in while encouraging fans to vote in the Best New Artist category, for either Julia Michaels or Khalid. “Listen, guys, this is one election where the popular vote actually matters,” Perry joked. “So vote online, but hurry up, before some random Russian pop star wins!”

Perry is behind the news: Leftists abandoned the Russian line of attack on Trump when the DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT criminals got arrested.

May 15 Tulsa Today covered Perry’s announcement of her June 9 release of her new album, “Witness” (Capitol Records), and an extensive arena tour including a stop at Tulsa’s BOK Center November 29.

We dutifully covered the assertion, “with Witness, Katy reflects on the changes in her own life and in the world around her, delivering songs that both challenge and inspire” without noting we had no faith in any wisdom from any of Perry’s reflections. Click here for more.

On May 26 apparently pushed by mindlessly trendy cultural hacks after the suicide bombing that killed 22 people in Manchester, Perry made headlines when she said in an interview that the best way to respond to terrorism is to “just unite and love on each other.” The real solution to all of the violence in the world, she insists, is “no barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

Think about that for a moment. It is truly sinister. It’s evil ignorance. Click here for more of that analysis.

What Perry and her fellow “co-existers” are doing, in a barely veiled fashion, as Matt Walsh wrote on The Blaze, “is putting at least some of the blame on the people who were blown up. The terrorist was led to strap on an explosive vest stuffed with nails because the world has failed to ‘unite.’ It was not his own decision and his own wickedness that caused him to massacre kids; it was our society with its borders and its barriers and its intolerance. We tend to just laugh at the Katy Perrys of the world — an understandable reaction — but we miss just how morally deranged this point of view truly is.”

And now back to Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards as Perry commented on the state of America and took jabs at Trump.

After pretending she’d spent the previous year in space, the singer flew into the arena on a pulley system in a space suit.

“You figured out all of the problems in the world right now and the world is doing so well, right?” she asked sarcastically, before handed a newspaper with the headline “The World Is On Fire.” “How the f*ck are you coping right now?” she added.

Perry was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest celebrity supporters during the 2016 race. The singer performed at the Democratic National Convention and at an election-eve get-out-the-vote rally in Philadelphia in support of Clinton, and marched in the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington when Trump won. Thus proving by result celebrities suck at politics.

In an April interview with Vogue magazine, Perry said that Trump’s victory brought back “childhood trauma” for her.  What a snowflake thing to say.  Should Tulsa fans bring her milk and cookies and a puppy she can pet to help with the trauma?  Oh please.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that Perry hates America. Maybe all her friends are mindless Marxists, but the people who attend her concerts and buy her music in majority do not agree with Perry’s Pinheaded Politics. Someone tell Perry there is a world between the coasts!

Katy Perry Performing at Super Bowl XLIX Halftime

At what point should fans abandon Katy Perry?  Conservatives don’t usually protest with signs on street corners or by marching.

Conservative stop buying.  Many have stopped watching NFL games and have canceled ESPN. We don’t shop at Target so we don’t have to deal with gender confused bathrooms. We spend our money elsewhere. It’s a freedom.

As for this writer’s house – Katy Perry’s comments after Manchester were enough, but like the propagandists on CNN… Perry just keeps giving us reasons to hate any mention of her name.

(HT: Daniel Nussbaum @dznussbaum and Breitbart.com/big-hollywood)

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