Racist t-shirts appear at Tulsa school

Editorial:  The photos broke my heart. Days and many conversations later it still hurts to know that some racialists will demagogue division to destroy community at Booker T. Washington (BTW) High School in Tulsa.

Friday a young Republican first sent the photos. She wanted to know what I thought. In truth, I am still processing chunks of opinion wrapped in disgust. 

The photos show t-shirts proudly displayed front and back with an inscription reading, “Dear White Hornets … Stop trying to replace our traditions with your whiteness. Respect our school.”

KOTV Channel 6 and the Tulsa World covered the story and maybe that is all the creator of the T-shirt wanted – a bit of fame for showing hate. Of course the message was racist in targeting people because of skin color – young white students – children at high school.

The Marxist Left has demonized Western Civilization and America in particular as racist for political advantage since Communists first seized power in Russia. It helps them distract from the millions they murder to blame others for everything. Is this what is being taught at BTW?

Western Civilization, however, put an end to slavery that had flourished worldwide since history began and America in particular has done more to support human and economic rights for minority citizens than any other nation ever.

It is only Sharia Law in Muslim nations that support slavery in the modern day. The National Democratic Party; founded the KKK, established prohibiting laws and opposed full rights for minorities in the United States contrary to propagandist positions of Leftists, but those details can be argued on a later day.

David Arnett (center), OU, 1970.

We are talking Tulsa here.  In the late 60s and early 70s, I served as a Tulsa high school student on the Community Relations Commission as Youth Liaison. I attended the Eleventh Annual Human Relations Workshop at the University of Oklahoma July 27th through August 1, 1970. Then Chairman of the Mayor’s Youth Council and of the Red Cross Youth, I protested to the Tulsa School Board the LACK of racial integration within the system and received my first death threat before I graduated from Tulsa Memorial High School in 1972.

At that OU workshop after hours, some of the youth then spoke about how Marxism was what was needed in America. I disagreed then and now, but never thought that stupid murderous ideology repeatedly tried and always destructive would take hold in America and yet the Antifa movement is exactly the Fascism these violent self-proclaimed Anti-Facists rally against.

And yet Friday, after decades as the most successful magnet school in the Tulsa Public School system an admittedly small group of Booker T. Washington students wear t-shirts targeting the race of other students.

Is that what I and so many others fought to accomplish?  That is not what white marchers at Selma and in every other protest risking all against racists envisioned at the time.

President Abraham Lincoln (founder of the Republican Party) fought and died to end slavery.  The KKK in history lynched 4,000 people: 3,000 black, 1,000 white and all of them Republicans.

Republican Conservatives believe in the Rule of Law which means the equal application of law regardless of race, creed or any other factor. Republican Conservatives believe in equal opportunity, responsibility and citizenship, but the party has not held aggressive conversations on race. Identity and victimization in politics appear, at least in media, to be the domain of Democrats.

In vast majority, Conservatives are civil and polite.  We hate to rub the Democrats face in the fact that they do racism while claiming everyone else is racist. Difficult as the truth may be, Democrats replaced slavery with enslavement now in intercity ghettos ruled by mostly corrupt local Democratic Parties.

Yes, even in Tulsa some city councilors honor Black Lives Matter propaganda more than law enforcement. Families of criminals claim the innocence of lambs and historical revisionists blame Republicans for the 1920s race dispute in Tulsa (there were no Oklahoma elected Republicans at the time).

There were school busses transporting students from BTW to protest Donald J. Trump at his 2016 rally in Tulsa. On August 26, BTW students presented a slide show and discussion on “their generation’s concerns about climate change and how it affects millennials in Oklahoma” at a Circle Cinema showing of “AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL” the latest in lies and propaganda from Al Gore. Do they believe the trendy without critical thinking at BTW?

Issa Rae, Emmy’s 2017 delivers racist rant

Ratings for the Emmy Awards hit an all-time low Sunday as they continually and without much humor insulted President Trump and America.

Issa Rae, creator and star of “Insecure” unabashedly said, “I’m rooting for everybody black. I am,” she declared.

Is BTW the social justice warrior capital of Tulsa? Public discussion of what’s fostered in hearts and minds of the young with public money may be overdue.

All parts of culture are subject to change and are often seen as pendulums swinging one way and then the other. Physics notes all pendulums eventually come to rest and there is a formula that can determine when. Sadly, America’s racial pendulum is pushed to continual dispute by hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and political hustlers like George Soros, Hillary Clinton and other declared and hidden enemies of America.

For the record again, in vast and overwhelming majority, Tulsans stand for humanity, equality and equal opportunity.

We stand against racialists of any color and supremacists of any creed. We remain loyal to the Constitution of the United States of America and the attendant and inseparable Declaration of Independence which gives purpose to our national union.

We judge as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. urged by the content of character rather than color of skin.

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