Call for Republicans to cut, not tax

OK Gov. Mary Fallin with David Arnett, Tulsa Today

Editorial: It is difficult when someone you have supported for years betrays foundational honor. It can cause divorce, end friendships and, in politics, generate great distain.

Sadly, as years of punditry accumulate, this writer is less likely to allow betrayal to pass without comment. The good news is that more diplomatic Republican leaders are telling the current cluster of elected how cows eat hay.  

The story in the Oklahoman today quotes a letter to Republican leadership from former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn with former Gov. Frank Keating and former Secretary of State Larry Parman warning that “Government is the problem” and “the problem is that government spends too much.

Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

All three are greatly experienced honored Conservative Republicans well and truly gifted in solving complex legislative policy and political issues. They are too kind to mention that our grassroots Oklahoma Republicans are about ready to go into full revolt.

Balloting revolts are possible in Oklahoma not because (as Democrats dream) we want less freedom and more taxes, but because the current elected have failed miserably to cut government functionality to a level we can afford or to communicate specifically how they have advanced any Conservative reforms.

Pay attention dear pompous pontificating potentates.  Oklahoma suffered 100 years under Dem-O-Rat crony control and voters are waiting for elected Republicans to fix that. Reduce government and it’s crushing burden on our struggling people or voters will turn every dunderhead out.  Clear enough?

Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States.

It is said that Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line, but this writer asserts the line of the grassroots in the upcoming election cycle is forming well to the right of the current crop of elected Republicans. We know who has failed in part and in whole their public and personal honor. Time to do right, vote right or move out.

The Oklahoman notes:

Coburn, Keating and Parman urged Republicans to reconsider their opposition to cuts and to shrink state government rather than tax further.

“Sound and fiscally conservative policy must always consider reforms and prioritizing spending,” they wrote. “The people of Oklahoma have spoken clearly in favor of this approach.”

Coburn, Keating and Parman argued the Republican losses are instead evidence that “when policymakers break promises” and have “moral failings,” their political allies lose elections.

“During this special session, those who claim the principles and label of Ronald Reagan must act on their promises,” they wrote. “Those principles reject all tax increases and efforts to generate more revenue during times like these.”

Click here for the story in the Oklahoman.

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