Tom Coburn on Judge Roy Moore

In a story today in The Oklahoman, Tom Coburn is quoted saying Roy Moore is being tried by the press: “Seems this is rule of rulers instead of Rule of law.”

The beloved former senator from Oklahoma who endorsed Moore’s Senate candidacy said he’s concerned the Alabama Republican is being unfairly tried in the court of public opinion. 

Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore on Sassy and wife Kayla on Sundance. Kayla says the allegations against her husband are lies.

The Oklahoma writes: Moore, 70, stands accused of dating or having sexual contact with five teenage girls when he was a prosecutor in his 30s, including two girls who were 14 and 15 years old at the time. The retired judge, who has denied the allegations, faces Democrat Doug Jones in a Dec. 12 special election.

Former Sen. Tom Coburn, the only Oklahoman to formally endorse Moore, said in an email Saturday that if the allegations are true, “he should drop out,” and if they are false, they are “pretty expedient slander for our political process.”

On Tuesday, Coburn wrote back to say, “I am really troubled by this.”

“He may be guilty of what people are claiming,” Coburn said. “But what if he is not? Seems this is rule of rulers instead of rule of law. I thought you were to get a fair trial of your peers instead of trial in the press. What has happened to us?”

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Judge Roy Moore

Tulsa Today questions why allegations now 30 some-odd years past have never before surfaced?  Judge Roy Moore has had many election in that time frame. He has most certainly been in the public eye for his outspoken faith and principled, if not controversial, positions on many issues. Why now do these claims arise?

It almost reminds of the Russian allegations against President Donald J. Trump – manufactured without any substance by people who have Russian dealings they wish to hide.

Regardless, it is the people of Alabama that decide. Pontificating media pundits are not in charge of justice in America.  The hysterical leaders of mobs do not rule the Rule of Law for which this writer is immensely grateful.

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