The final nail in the Clintons’ coffin

A stunning opinion piece by Seth Mandel today in the New York Post, published under the headline “Dems’ ‘reckoning’ with Bill’s sexual offenses is the final nail in the Clintons’ coffin.”

It is interesting how the second “home” state the Clintons parachuted into long known for left-wing Democrat politics could turn against them.

Mandel begins:

I arrived at the Barnes Noble just as “An Evening With Bernie Sanders” was drawing to a close, and while browsing, I couldn’t help but notice: The twentysomethings filing out of the event with the senator were reacting as if they’d just met The Beatles.

This was Nov. 14, 2016 — less than a week after Election Day. The corpse of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was still warm. Sanders was 75 years old, but no matter: He was the future of the Democratic Party — or at least his ideas were, and the enthusiasm with which he shepherded his flock to them.

Bill and the Intern

So the recent wave of liberals “reckoning” with Bill Clinton’s sexual offenses should be put into proper context. It is not the beginning of the end for the Clintons atop the Democratic Party. It’s just the end.

Fact is, Bill and Hillary have become irrelevant to Democrats’ policy approach and ideological vision. They’re finally expendable. So the mea culpas from Bill’s defenders proliferating through lefty media, from The New York Times to Politico to Vox, are anything but brave. They’re convenient.

The party had been moving well to the left of the Clintons and Bill’s presidency for years. Indeed, Hillary repeatedly ran into trouble on the campaign trail because of Bill’s presidential record, some of which she vocally supported at the time.

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