Oklahoma’s incredible political state animal

In Oklahoma the American Buffalo or bison is honored as the state animal. A herd of buffalo can be seen in their natural habitat in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, the largest (39,650 acres) protected remnant of tallgrass prairie left on earth just a short drive north of Tulsa, but do you know the political nature of the beast? 

National writer James White is frequently featured on Tulsa Today. His work focuses on historical, scientific and frequently surprising obscure facts. It is a treasured break from hard news and politics. In his “Mullet Over #753” this month, White writes:

Oklahoma Buffalo

“Shortly after King Carlos III ascended to the throne of Spain in 1759, he decided that he would enjoy a herd of American Bison to live in one of his personal zoos. Since Spain laid claim to a huge portion of North America where tens of millions of bison roamed, the task of transporting bison to Carlos appeared be easily accomplished. So wrong. A royal order was soon placed on the Spanish Texas governor’s desk and sincere efforts were underway to satisfy the king’s desire.

“Three consecutive expeditions were launched within a few months and all were dismal failures. Bison herders made two disturbing observations: (1) When bison panicked (a frequent occurrence), the animals ran in all directions with no attempt to remain in a herd and (2)  When bison were enraged, they would often fight until they died from exhaustion or all perceived foes were vanquished. Groups of 60 animals would be corralled on the vast New World plains with no more than two or three reaching a targeted North American seaport. In 1780, one male and one female bison survived an ocean trip to Cádiz. The male died before it could be unloaded. The female lived until 1784 and was quite the prized exhibit,” White wrote.

As publisher and most frequent writer, editor (always looking for a good copy editor), and graphic production talent on staff, I use buffalo frequently to illustrate stories on Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Republican Party – no authorization. Don’t ask permission – don’t need it. Here’s why.

Oklahoma suffered for 100 years under corrupt and frequently criminal control of the Oklahoma Democratic Party (County Commissioner Scandal). Republicans converted Democrats as state scandals grew worse and the National Democratic Party grew increasingly immoral and anti-American. Democrats long ago established the KKK as their military arm, but Oklahomans ran it out of state in the early 1920s while still Democrats.

The majority of voters here now, to paraphrase Will Rogers, are “not members of an organized political party. They are Oklahoma Republicans.”

Like buffalo; most are happy to attend to their individual family lives. Few grow to buffalo size over 6 foot at 2,000 pounds, but adults are not critters strangers should disturb without careful regard. We are deeply individualistic and not likely to herd in action. In a fight, we will win or die exhausted, engaged in the effort to the last breath.

Oklahoma is the forty-sixth state. We were the twin territories before statehood only joined because the Federal government wanted Demo-rats to rule here. We suffer more government than any state on earth (77 counties, 520 school districts and 39 sovereign Native American Nations not to count cities and towns) in a geographically small state.

Oklahoma is a wealthy state made poor by politicians (100 years of single party rule will corrupt any party) which has pissed away oil and gas revenue beyond most other state’s imagination.

Oklahoma has suffered carpet-baggers, poo-flingers, trial lawyers and other vocal discards for decades so it is easy to note President Barack Obama as America’s First Islamic Communist President and thank God for President Donald J. Trump as he returns America to it’s roots in free enterprise, constitutional government, lower taxes, and freedom.

Your comments are welcome below. This article has not been approved by any political organization and/or the Federal Bureau of Secret Political Manipulation 


David Arnett

About the author: David Arnett won two national awards as a First Amendment Advocate (1987 and 1988). He is a former city reporter for the Tulsa Tribune, the afternoon daily that departed in 1992 and he published 32 editions of community papers before founding Tulsa Today online in 1996. He hosted The David Arnett Show, on KRMG’s weekend lineup in 2011 and 2012, the last local radio call-in talk show in Tulsa. When local organizers forgot the reason for the season, Arnett organized a Tulsa Christmas Parade. He is best know as an equal opportunity aggravator never greatly restricted by the tyranny of political correctness.

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