Pelosi promises tax increase if Dems rule

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader, U.S. House

Video Report: Nancy Pelosi has promised that Democrats will work to roll back the tax cuts enacted by President Donald Trump if her party takes over after the midterm elections.

Apparently, the Democrat Party leader believes the American people aren’t having enough of their hard earned money stolen from them already. 

Reporter Jake Sherman asked Pelosi to respond to a Republican ad that claims “you would like to institute a single-payer health care program and cancel — [raise] taxes, I think they mean, roll back the tax cuts they passed this year.” Sherman asked Pelosi about her response to this at a breakfast event hosted by Politico.

Democrats are no longer mincing words: they think they deserve even more of your money.

“Well, the second part there is accurate,” Pelosi chuckled (because paying taxes is so funny when you’re already living paycheck to paycheck) in response, before adding “I do think we should revisit the tax legislation in … a bipartisan transparent way.”

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Matt Gorman jumped on Pelosi’s comment, tweeting: “I promise you that will be in almost every GOP ad this fall.” Pelosi claims she objects to lowering taxes because it was “in the dark of night.” However, she can’t be bothered to feel the same about the awful Obamacare law that’s flung many Americans into a state of poverty trying to figure out how to pay for or be taxed for the “crime” of not buying government-sanctioned health insurance.

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