Media turn killers into Rock Stars

Video OP/ED: So when are we going to be completely honest and acknowledge the awkward, bullied, sexually frustrated, psychotropic drug-laced, suicidal, mass shooters in the room for what they are?

Or are we just going to keep acting like we don’t know what’s going on in the name of not confronting the miserable reality that they are a creation of our so-called progressive culture and media? 

These shootings can’t get any more predictable. They’ve had the same damn MO for years now, and every time the same type of person commits the same type of carnage, our media swan dives into a promiscuous exploration of who these killers are under the guise of, ‘wanting to learn why they did it?’ We’ve known why these kids shoot up schools since Columbine. The kids from Columbine left an entire manifesto about why they did it.

Yet our moronic media in their blind pursuit for ratings will post every picture they can find of the shooter and repeat the shooters’ name habitually, turning the kid into a damn rock star within hours of the damn shooting and they will keep asking why these shootings keep happening in a country obsessed with celebrity culture raising a generation of kids with an inability to cope with anything.

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