President Trump’s tax cut benefits you

The Heritage Foundation has released a new research tool to show taxpayers in every Congressional District exactly how much President Donald J. Trump’s tax cut saves them this year and over time.

The average bottom line gains $26,000. Will you buy a new car? Is that a down payment on a house?  Forget average, what will residents of Oklahoma and the 1st Congressional District be able to keep or spend from their own pockets? 

The big takeaway? Wherever you live, typical taxpayers in every congressional district will see a tax cut in 2018.  Click here to reach Oklahoma results. The results for Oklahoma’s 1st District follow.

The Heritage Foundation writes:

In the coming years, the tax cuts will continue to raise wages, increase investment, and expand economic opportunities. Americans will in fact benefit twice from the tax cuts—once from paying less in taxes, and again from higher pre-tax incomes.

“But this future is not certain. Many of the tax cuts expire after 2025, and some in Congress are determined to repeal them well before then. If the tax cuts are made permanent, our estimates suggest take-home pay after 2025 would be about 1 percent higher, corresponding to $600 per year for someone making the median U.S. income.”

Click here for more from The Heritage Foundation.

Campaigns for the 1st District office vacated by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine are underway with the run-off vote set for August 28.

Exclusive Tulsa Today interviews with Republicans Kevin Hern and Tim Harris are available at the links provided.

Differences between the two candidates were highlighted in a Tulsa World story Saturday available here.  In summary, it appears that Hern is more of a President Trump supporter while Harris falls to his attorney background in answering questions of the day.  Your opinions are welcome below.

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